Expressing My World The Way I See it :)

Hi There :)
Thanks for dropping in and Welcome to My Blog :)

Name's Karishma, Currently a Freshman Student in College ;D

My Blog's going to be Pretty Simple,Creative and Nice with lot's of random pictures,quotes and other stuff that I love and that inspire me everyday, help me make decisions, contemplate on thoughts and hopefully may also bring that little curve on your face that is sure to light up anyone's day ;)

I might not be the fanciest of the fanciest blog's youll find around here but if it even the least bought a smile on your face or made you just go "Aww" or "LMAO", Don't hesitate to follow \^_^/

I follow blogs that i find Interesting, Humorous, Heart Warming, Creative and things i find interest in.

Also, I love talking to people and making new friends. So , Don't be shy, Drop by in with a hi or a hello, And you never know, FRIENDSHIP'S BLOSSOM outta no where :)

My Interests include Knotting Friendship Bracelets, Drawing, Painting, Singing, Dancing, Creative Writing, Surfing the web, Listening to A LOT of music, Swimming, A few sports etc .

Status : Online
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